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  • Perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily create and clearly understand regex patterns. Test any regex on sample strings and files. Use the regex with automatic source code snippets. Collect regex libraries for future use.

    Whats new in version 4.8.0:
    • Test: Open URL window should allow right-click Paste.
    • Windows 8: Uninstall shortcut is no longer pinned to the start screen by the installer (but it won\'t unpin any shortcuts that were previously pinned).

    Bug fixes:
    • GREP: Trying to open a RegexBuddy GREP file sometimes failed with a false error saying the file is not a valid RegexBuddy GREP file.
    • List All: Clicking the List All button makes RegexBuddy forget which capturing group you had it list matches for.
    • Test: Debug Here and Debug Till End triggered an "invalid class typecast" error if the test subject editor was in hexadecimal mode.
    • Test: If a regular expression contained an inverted range with a \\xFF escape and the active flavor does not support inverted ranges then RegexBuddy would continue to complain about the inverted range even after you corrected the regular expression.
    • Test: Regular expressions with character classes with just a single NULL byte (e.g. [\\x00] or [^\\x00]) caused Regex...

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